NetCents is an online payment platform. Their goal is to give consumers options to buy, sell and transact online or instore through superior technology. We have supplied NetCents with a newly designed homepage, a new UX/UI for their payments console as well as various videos showcasing their product and it’s benefits.

Project: NetCents Homepage

Design & Custom Wordpress Development

February 2017

NetCents wanted a fresh new look for their home page. We designed a new look that encapsulated their branding, identity and message.


Project: NetCents Payments Console

Wire Framing & UX/UI

Summer 2016

The NetCents console needed an update. We took their branding and built a new, fresh look that is user friendly and easy to use.


Project: Video - This is NetCents

Video Creation Using After Effects

Jan 2017

This video was created to show the NetCents story with investors in mind as the audience.

Project: Video - NetCents Intro

Video Creation Using After Effects

Aug 2016

The NetCents Intro video was created to introduce users to their product as well as educate them on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Project: Video - NetCents Merchant Video

Video Creation Using After Effects

Sept 2016

The Merchant video was created to educate existing and potential customers about the benefits of the NetCents platform as well as the process of integrating it with their online properties.