Staff 24/7 is a Toronto based recruitment agency with over 10 years of experience with bringing talent to their clients and organizations. We worked with Staff 24/7 to design all new branding, build a Wordpress website with job listings and sales collateral for use by the sales staff to find new business.

Project: Staff 24/7 Branding

Branding & Identity

Feb 2016

Staff 24/7 needed a whole new look. We designed a logo and identity that best represents their brand along with stationary and business cards.

Project: Staff 24/7 Website

Design & Wordpress Development

Feb 2016

Staff 24/7 needed a website and the ability to update it with current job listings. We designed them an entirely new website using Wordpress with custom plugins for them to display the jobs they are recruiting for.


Project: Staff 24/7 Sales Collateral

Folder Brochure & Sales Sheets

Feb 2016

The Staff 24/7 sales staff are tasked with finding new clientele to provide staffing solutions to. We designed them a sales folder with custom inserts that contain their vision and services, that can be left with potenial customers.