Ziplocal is a directory business located in the United States, that helped small and medium sized business with online and phone directory marketing. We helped Ziplocal with graphic design, web design and development, creation of sales collateral, promotional and demo videos and much more.

Project: Ziplocal Site Design


Web Design & UX/UI

Homepage design that showcased the directory cover

Search and listing functionality for users to easily find businesses near them

Project: Ziplocal Mobile Landing Page


UX/UI Design

HTML/CSS/Java Script Development

Project: Ziplocal Sales Website


Web Design and Development

Built on the Wordpress Platform so they could do updates themselves

Project: Video - Ziplocal Mobile App


Video Creation Using Photoshop to showcase the benefits of using the mobile app

Project: Ziplocal Banner Stand


Tradeshow banner stands for the HR department

For use at conferences, trade shows and job fairs

Project: Ziplocal Sales Trifold


Print Design of Sales Collateral